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Community Alerts was founded in 2002 by Paul Kent and Richard Manville. The company was established to develop services that improved communications and safety across communities. In 2002 its location based messaging application was utilised by Sussex Police as part of the pilot for their Child Rescue Alert scheme.

In May 2003 the Child Safe brand was established and this consisted of three areas - Child Safe Plus+, Child Safe Accessories and Child Safe Zones. For more details go to

Child Safe Plus+ was set up in 2003 to offer a tool for parents and guardians. The service offered peace of mind that if your child is lost, you can quickly provide effective information to anyone searching or finding them. This product has been replaced by FamilySafePlus+.
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Child Safe Accessories support the family registration products but also work as safety tools in their own right. A mobile number on the back of a wristband or tag can help a child wherever they go. Other child safety accessories are also available.
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Child Safe Zones was launched in May 2003 when the first Child Safe Zone was established at County Mall Crawley. Setting up as a zone helps shopping centres, beaches and other family attractions communicate safety procedures and provides simple tools that can help keep children safe.
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School Trips Plus is due to launch officially in January 2006. The scheme aims to provide a portal for schools undertaking off site activities. A database of over 8000 venues will provide the schools with important health and safety information and everything else a school needs to set up a safe trip. A messaging system will help manage lost child incidents and also improve communication between, teachers, parents and venues.
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Create Missing Posters in Minutes
Wherever you are in the world you can contact our call centre on +44 (0) 8700 626262 and we can create a missing poster within minutes of your child going missing. This can then be quickly sent to relevant authorities.

Once completed this poster is published on the main Child Safe Zones site and is available to anyone involved in the search for your child. Posters can be printed off or emailed and at the press of a button, translated into the appropriate languages of the popular holiday destinations.
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