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Child Safe Travel

Wherever you travel, Child Safe helps to secure the safety of your child.

Holidays and days out are exciting for young children, there is so much to do, so much to see and new places to explore – but not always with mum or dad!

Children wandering off in foreign or unfamiliar places can be very upsetting and traumatic for both parents and children. Whether on holiday in Florida, a day out at Alton Towers or building sandcastles on the Costa Brava, FamilySafePlus+ Registration and Child Safe Accessories can work for you.

Child Safe WristbandsChild Safe Accessories

The simplest way to help reunite a lost child with their parent is to attach a Child Safe Wristband or Tag to the child and provide the contact details of the parent’s mobile phone number and/or hotel number (if on holiday).

FamilySafePlus+ Registration

Our emergency Support Line is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and a phone call will put you in touch wherever you are. On your instruction we can access your account and create a missing poster in minutes and forward it via email to your hotel, police or other appropriate personnel. We can even translate it into several European languages.

Before setting off on your holiday, simply update your online account and enter the contact details of the hotel you are stopping at. Anyone finding your lost child and ringing the Support Line displayed on the Tag or Wristband can then be helped to reunite you and your child.

To help everyone have fun, we have teamed up with Days Out to provide details of over 7,000 venues in the UK. Pop a Tag or Wristband on your child and have a great day out.

Create Missing Posters in Minutes
Wherever you are in the world you can contact our call centre on +44 (0) 8700 626262 and we can create a missing poster within minutes of your child going missing. This can then be quickly sent to relevant authorities.

Once completed this poster is published on the main Child Safe Zones site and is available to anyone involved in the search for your child. Posters can be printed off or emailed and at the press of a button, translated into the appropriate languages of the popular holiday destinations.
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