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Why does becoming a Child Safe Zone make sense for everyone?

Nearly every venue in the UK has a lost child policy, unfortunately it is not always obvious to the parent. Child Safe Zones simply helps to re-unite all the disparate ‘lost child’ schemes into one easily recognised service.

Child Safe provides a simple, effective and easy to implement child safety service. It engages with the general public and reminds your customers about your investment in their safety.

The Child Safe Zones scheme provides shopping centres, visitor attractions, beaches and other venues with a way to communicate your lost child policies in a safe, non-sensationalist manner. It makes a clear statement to your customers that you have their safety at heart.

Knowing that your venue is a Child Safe Zone will help reassure parents and direct them to help in the shortest possible time. A single, nationally recognised scheme can only help to keep children safer throughout the UK. Join us and become a Child Safe Zone.

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Post Launch Promotions

Examples of promotions that centres can initiate include:

  • Discounted membership to kids clubs and local schools
  • Free family membership for all employees of the centre and their tenants
  • Free family membership to all participants in a children’s painting competition on safety
  • Free wristbands for parents on promotional days
  • Discounted family membership through a promotion in the local press
  • Advertising campaign on local buses reinforcing local community concerns
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