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Child Safe Zones Launch Medical & Special Needs Area

In response to parents' requests, we’ve expanded the area for recording children's details. A new area allows parents to record any medical or special needs information they would want someone finding their child to know.

This new area is simple and easy for parents to use and highlights to our support centre that important medical or special needs information has been recorded. To enter information into this area, login in and select ‘edit details’ next to your child. Any information previously entered in the medical box will not be affected.

Child Safe Zones supports the National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs. Child Safe Zones are therefore delighted that from February the National Autistic Society are bringing our service to the attention of their members, as a valuable tool for families of children with autistic spectrum disorders. And the NAS will benefit with a donation from Child Safe Zones when any of their members register. For more information about autism and asperger syndrome, and about support and services available in the UK visit

A key concern of parents is that should their child become lost they would have difficulty communicating with the person who found them. The new medical & special needs area allows parents to record important information such as how best their child should be approached, comforted and communicated with, or how to deal appropriately with their behaviour.

“My son can’t tell anyone who he is, and he regularly runs off, we were going to a beach on holiday so I was worried. I rang the NAS and Child Safe Zones was one of the contacts they suggested. I used their tags on holiday, in fact my son has one on his shoe all the time now, and it has caused quite a stir at his school and the child development centre. I think Child Safe Zones is a brilliant idea, and it relieves some of the worry”.
A Mum, Bournville, Warwickshire

“My son knows his name but would have a real problem telling anyone. So if I lost sight of him in a busy place I would worry. I have been looking for something appropriate for ages and really like the Child Safe Zones scheme because all the materials are really fun for kids. My son won’t wear the wristbands against his skin, but the tags are great and I know they are developing a new product with this in mind. I have even been able to store his details such as his limited verbal skills and how to communicate best with him through pictures and symbols, which gives me some reassurance that I can help the person who finds him, to help him.”
A Mum, Horsham, Sussex

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